About us

Health centre „ENERGETIKAS“

Dear visitor, welcome to our website. We hope that you find all the information you are interested in about our health and wellness center Energetikas” and the services we provide.

Hippocrates once said ”Nature is a cure itself”. We could not agree more and are highly convinced that this saying is very suitable for our coastal zone. Nature is the primary source of health and harmony. It nourishes us with everything needed for the physical and mental well-being. We are also drawn to the Baltic seaside by our wisdom which signals that body is already craving for iodine. This microelement is essential in sustaining normal functions of our organism. And we have plenty of it here!

The Health Center ”Energetikas” has long lasting traditions of nurturing treatment. It was founded in 1986. Since then people from Lithuania and abroad have been and still are choosing ”Energetikas” for rest, medical treatment or simply to strenghten health with our health improvement programs which are specifically selected by our highly qualified staff depending on the state of each one of you personally. We are here to improve your health condition, reveal your beauty and to boost your mood!

Our center is surrounded by a pine forest which gives the feeling as if it is a separate town of health.”Energetikas” consists of three residential blocks containing 250 newly renovated rooms and a medical unit. This is extremely convenient because all of the procedures are performed in one place without the need to even go outside. We have taken care of even the slightest details so you could feel like home away from Your home here!

We are also offering different types of meals, three times a day: a wide selection of the buffet menu and a balanced diet food in our cozy dining room. Here you have the opportunity to socialize, change the environment and simply have fun.

Our motto:

Health and energy all year round!


We strive that ”Energetikas” would become a synonym of energy and health in Lithuania and neighbouring countries, also aiming to achieve the highest level of service quality to satisfy all the needs of our customers so they  could enjoy our services to the fullest. We want ”Energetikas”  to become a place where our customers always want to come back.


To provide people with professional medical care, effective treatment and a pleasant vacation at the Baltic seaside all year round.


Primary focus on the customer

Convalescent person is rediscovering the joy of life and is the one who is happy. Therefore, we try to listen to each of our clients’ problems, devoting special attention to them. Each customer is taken care by a professional doctor, who assigns special treatment and physical activity.

Always remaining professional

One of the main requirements for our staff is to be professional at all times, also we encourage training and professional development. Most of the doctors working at ”Energetikas” are experienced professionals carrying more than one professional titles which means that they are able to provide the highest quality of service and care in all unexpected and sometimes even dangerous situations. Our medical staff regularly participates in trainings in order to increase the level of knowledge and expertise.

Respecting traditions

Along with innovation, we do not forget traditions. Thus, ”Energetikas” is to those who appreciate traditions  and embrace innovations as well!

We are warmly  inviting you all to visit us!