Children’s summer camp

”Energetikas” stationary camp is located in Palanga (Kopu g. 21), in a pine forest, near the Baltic sea.

Our camp is distinguished in that it has a heated indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts, as well as football, basketball and volleyball pitches. Highly skilled summer camp leaders take care of children’s physical and spiritual culture, teaching them how to show himself and reveal his artistic and creative abilities. Teach how to achieve their goals. Here, children can not only exercise at camp sport fields, but also they learn how to expand their creative horizons, develop imagination, learn tolerance and communication.

Beautiful nature – the wavy sea and verdant pine forests is mostly suitable for active recreation. Also it helps to get new creative ideas. Our camp leader will teach children swimming in large indoor pool.
Children are introduced to the natural, historical and cultural monuments of our region. In large camp concert hall held painting, dance, film, theater, poetry, literary, musical evenings with famous people. In camp time children have various workshops and discussions, individual and group tasks, crafts exhibitions, theme parties.

Campers children from Lithuania and other European Union countries.

Camp voucher (10 day) costs 300 € for one child living in wooden bungalow.

Camp voucher (10 day) costs 500 € for one child living in four in four-bed renovated room with all modern conveniences. This service is for groups of 12 children and more.

Meal 4 times a day in the Central Health Center building.

1 Program 06.20 – 07.29 Duration 10 d.

2 Program 06.30 – 07.09 Duration 10 d.

3 Program 07.10 – 07.19 Duration 10 d.

4 Program 07.20 – 07.29 Duration 10 d.

5 Program 07.30 – 08.08 Duration 10 d.

6 Program 08.09 – 08.18 Duration 10 d.

Please, ask for information: +370 640 19690, +370 460 45505